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“Consider us your financial planning concierge, walking with you every step.”


As a medical professional, you are notoriously busy. With your primary focus on work and family, personal finance and business management are understandably relegated to lesser priorities.

Wellness Financial Advisors specializes in working with medical professionals. Consider us your financial planning concierge, walking with you every step, holding you accountable to achieve your financial aspirations. We have the knowledge, staff and experience not only to see you to retirement, but to see you through retirement. We will help you turn your plans into action and your goals into reality.

Whether you are established in your practice or are finishing formal medical or dental training, we will work with you to meet your practice, estate, and charitable goals. Wellness Financial Advisors will help you identify where you need to be.

Established Physicians

If you are an established physician in practice, you may truly benefit from a comprehensive review of your finances that includes asset and risk management…

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Dentists in Practice

Running a dental practice is a big undertaking: from the capital outlays required to launch, to the overhead of running a business and the strategic planning required...

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Graduates including CRNAs, Residents and Fellows

As you approach the end of your extensive medical or dental training, you will likely have many questions about how to manage debt, start saving, protect your...

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